Pattern "Sticky"-Mode to come back again?

Hey Folks,

as the search function is scrambled and i cant see anything in the results i just quickly post this here:

Does anybody of you know if that old “Sticky”-Function for the Pattern Selection will someday make its way back into the recent MK2-Models of our beloved MD?

On my very very old MK1 Model i was able to achieve this by Holding the Pattern-Bank-Select Button, quickly pressing “Function” and then release all Buttons. Now all the Patterns of that particular bank stayed in Selection Mode and you could easily build your track with this.

I found no suitable Solution on my MD UW+ MKII so far. And if i search the Release Notes i do not find any note about this “feature” beeing removed. As for now i doodle around with the Song Mode for this but its not very “direct” or inspiring at all.

So: Does anybody know if this feature will come back? Or do you have found a solution to - at least - come close to this on the recent models?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Cheers Steffen