Pattern with different track lenghts

Hi all,
A quick question. Couldn’t find an answer. On the digitakt is it possible to have a track in polymeter. For example my clap track length 60 steps. And then it should go back to first step. I noticed that it will still count till 64 steps. Is this even possible?

See 10.9.2 PER TRACK MODE in the manual. FUNC + PAGE to get into the Scale menu, then FUNC + YES to toggle to per-track mode.

Maybe try to change master track to inf…

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Yes I know the manual. And I know this. But how can I make sure the track loops again after 60 steps? And not after 64 steps?

Yes I have M.LEN on INF , CH.LN = OFF, TRACK LENGTH = 60/64…

Then still the question is it possible to loop the track for only 60 steps? In order to create a polymeter?

Just tried with a fresh pattern (sorry, 16 instead of 64, it’s quicker). Track length 3/16, M.LEN inf. Put a trig on 1, it repeats every 3 steps. Another track, didn’t change anything, trigs on 1 5 9 13, and now I have a 3 against 4 playing. Is that what you want?

The track will loop for 60 steps, as you wish.

Hmm i would expect that behavior as well. Somehow my pattern did loop after 64 steps weirdly. I expected it to loop for just 60 steps hence creating a polymeter.

Perhaps it has something to do with overbridge and ableton.

Sadly it doesnt. It starts at 0 again together with other tracks. Not sure why actually.

Good luck with troubleshooting. The downside of flexibility is that tracking down what is dictating a particular behaviour can take a while.