Patterning app sequencing the Rytm

Hi, here the video of an ambient jam showing how the patterning app can sequence the Rytm. I focused on the overall balance and variations of the track, not so much on creating complex rhythms. But I bought the app this morning.
If you have any questions about the setup, don’t hesitate to ask.
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Very Nice

What is the Name of the App



Hi Locaa,
Tornfrayed answers for me. What I can add is that after 24h with the app,
I find it rather inspiring to start new jams. If I like the created pattern (and there are a lot of variations available) I can just hit record and store it in the Rytm for additional work later.
I find it also very efficient with sequencing synth or triggering samples.
Here’s a 2nd jam I made with it this afternoon if you like.

Hi There can you please tell me the settings for both RYTM and Patterning to get them to talk as I can’t get them to work, I’m using an iconnect midi 2. Thanks.