Patterns and sample loading

Hello all…
Just got the octatrack and underway with some loops and sounds… Really enjoying for sure…
I have come up with a dilemma of sorts.
When you have a project open and you design a pattern using all of the tracks on A1 for example, can you then switch to A2 and have each of the machines triggering different samples than the one on A1?
My thinking is that you could have a full song on A1 and have an. Entirely different song on A2 and seemlessly switch between them as A Dj would for instance.
Any way to make that work?
Seems like the only way is using the PARTS function but that makes for deeper scrolling as far as I’m concerned.
Any help or answers would be greatly appreciated.
Maybe I’m just doing something wrong when I load the samples but they replace the samples across all of the previous patterns as we’ll…

well i’m still pretty new to the OT but i have used parts for this exact reason.

not sure what you mean about scrolling at all honestly, parts are really easy to get to.

just press [function] + [midi] and the parts thing comes up…then you choose which part you want using the arrows then enter (i think)

each pattern is inherently linked to a part…so once you change patterns it automatically changes to its respective part. basically once you set the part the first time you never have to think about it again.

There are 4 ways of using different samples on a new pattern
Using parts
Using slices
Using sample locks
Switching to another bank

Thanks all…
Possibly switching the BANKS would be the solution…
Are individual songs typically stored as a BANK?
I don’t think they would be stored as a PROJECT because loading another PROJECT stops all audio…
I know everyone has their own way of using the OT but wondering about the typical place a song resides.

You MUST use different Sampleslots !

I’ll explain a bit.

(first of all - have patience. the OT is like a relationship with a woman - fascinating at the beginning and revealing its true power and character in the course of time. And you’ll never fully understand it.)

I use banks. Here is why:

  • part changes are not quantizeable
  • preparing sample chains for slicing can be tedious
  • sample locks with patterns deprives me of the possibility to use pattern changes as a means to vary my song
  • I wouldn’t know what else to do with banks

I suggest you just use the OT without thinking too much. Keep the manual ready to look something up when you don’t understand it. Read the forum thoroughly and make sure you understand all the hints people post here.

e.g. - when you see the notion ‘trigless trig’ and you don’t know what it means - rtfm.

But never think you can master the OT in a short period of time.

If it may help, here is the way i manage my patterns, banks and parts :

I work with only one project (i want to have all my songs avaiblable without loading time).

Each bank, contain 16 patterns, and each pattern 4 parts.

On bank A, i assign
Part 1 to patterns A01 to A04
Part 2 to patterns A05 to A08
Part 3 to patterns A09 to A10
Part 4 to patterns A013 to A16

(the same on each bank, so you got 64 songs possible)

This way, i can manage completely new song each 4 patterns.
And for each song, you may have 4 variations.
For example, A01 is the main, A02, A03 and A04 are variations (but remember, if you change any parameters on the samples, it will affect ALL the patterns using the same part…don’t forget that, unless you use parameters lock)

Of course, i mean by “song”, an arrangement that let me play live.

I bought the A4 before christmas and knew i had to get an OT too.
Now i just got the OT and suddenly the use of A4 got to another level
and i felt like these machines together revealled what iv’e been looking for years, constructing sounds and songs live without a computer.
HYPE! :+1:
I like to organize things like Tintao said.
OT—each bank contains 4 parts and 16 patterns so each part owns 4 patterns.
OT—sending program change and clock to A4

A4—Though a4 can have a kit per pattern i like to think kits are like parts. So i have 4 kits per bank and name them after bank(corresponding letter)+kit number(1-4).

Now everything stays organized and its so fun to create and jam at the sametime.

Just have to say that iv’e used a pc with Reason for about half me life and stopped it when realized it was not getting me anywhere anymore. Too much
things you can do and for me hard to keep it simple. All the distractions a computer gives is the BIGGEST flowkilla. :-1:

Much offtopic sorry for that but im just writing what bumps.
keep it simple! :wink: