Patterns Tempo Changes using Launchkey Mini MK III

I could use some help. I am trying to use my LaunchKey Mini MK III to control my Digitone. The Digitone Auto Midi Channel is set to 10 and the LaunchKey to channel 10. I am able to play all of the Preset Sounds or my new sounds using the LaunchKey keyboard without any issues so I know I have the Midi Channel set correctly.
The problem I am having is with the Preset Patterns. Whenever I plug the LaunchKey into the Digitone the Tempo on every Pattern changes to 120 BPM. As soon as I unplug it and start the Patterns again they go back to their original correct tempos. Also the Tempo and Global/Pattern control setting feature on the Digitone gets disabled so I can’t make any manual changes to either the Tempo or toggle between Global & Pattern settings.

Is there a setting in the Digitone that I need to make or something on the LaunchKey Mini.

I do not have these issues when I use either of my Keystep 32, Keystep 37, Behringer Swing or any of the Midi Thru from my Modular Synths with the Digitone so I’m thinking it’s a LaunchKey setting issue but I’m not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really would like to use the LaunchKey Mini with my Digitone because it’s the perfect footprint on my WorkStation in front of the Digitone.

It can definitely be done on the LK mini itself, it was a feature of the 1.1 firmware. LINK


To access the setup page, hold the shift button whilst powering up the Launchkey Mini (ie connecting a USB cable) to enter the Set-up page.

To toggle the MIDI Clock output on or off press the Pink pad [sixth from the left] in the settings page.

When dimly lit the physical MIDI output will not send MIDI clock signals.

When fully lit the MIDI output will send MIDI Clock signals and the [Tempo] rotary knob will continue to control the MIDI Clock output speed.

Press the Play button to resume making music with the Launchkey Mini.

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Thank you. I had forgotten about the 1.1 Firmware Update and the new features like turning the MIDI Clock off. That resolved the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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