Pelican 1550 vs 1510 for 2 Elektrons (alternatives?)

Hello Everybody,

I’m new to the Elektron world and couldn’t be happier! I want to get a hard case for gigging/travel and so far everything I’ve read recommends a Pelican case. I trust the brand completely but am wondering if anyone had arguments for or against either model of case. So far my understanding is as follows…

-Not technically TSA carry on compatible but people are often able to carry it on without hassle. Am I running a big risk?
-More room for padding and some cables and other equipment.
-Elektrons are not stacked.

-TSA carry on compatible.
-Wheels/handle (a nice luxury but not important for me).
-Some room for cables etc.

I am leaning towards the 1510. Should I be worrying about ruining the push knobs if they are stacked in the 1510? Even with foam? Is there enough extra room on the top and bottom for the padding to be effective?

I usually gig with a small Allen & Heath ZED-10 mixer but it is not important for me to fit this in the case as well. Though it might be extremely convenient and nice… based on some of the specs I’ve read I might be able to fit the ZED-10 in the 1550.

Apologies if a thread like this exists on either forum, I couldn’t find one that really compared the two, just threads that recommended each. Any advice/experience stories would be a great help! Also if you have suggestions for alternate hardshell cases I’d love to investigate those.

Thank you!


EDIT: I just realized I may have posted this in the wrong forum, sorry moderator! I assumed since I was dealing with Elektron gear only I should post it here. My bad. I’m not quite sure how to move it or delete it!

I use a 1550 and love it. Fits 2 elektrons in an eit1, psus, space pedal, most of my cables, 2 Kenton boxes, and an op1. I’ve walked onto planes with it without question, although I’ve also checked it once due to overheads being over crowded. The time I had to check it, I was completely confident. You will have to stack the elektrons in this case either way. They don’t stand up on end with padding, and have the lid closed. Without the eit1 I’ve fit 3 elektrons plus all the other stuff, although I didn’t feel as confident as they were stacked irregularly. If you won’t have a stand (eit1 or otherwise) I’d recommend the 1550 and get some pl1 covers if you are worried about encoders. I simply wrap mine in towels before I stack them in need be. The 1550 also makes for a great “riser” when performing.

Either way, pelican is the way to go. Hands down.