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Earlier this year, a song called Die Dimension appeared seemingly out of nowhere and immediately turned the Berlin club scene upside down. Such an awesome floor filler, one that sticks in your mind when the mist clears the day after. Who made this modern-day classic? Perel, that’s who. We decided to meet her in Neukölln, have a cup of coffee and find out more. Don’t miss her brand new EP Remixes, out today!

Read the whole talk at:


Happy to have discovered this artist, thank you!

I really dig these discussions.


Yeah, fascinating backstory and insights - great tracks, very DFA

my pick of the bunch so far from trawling youtube, also linked on the talk


Yes. I dig the first track of next remix album as well.

Personally i think the track sounds flat, lifeless and depressing.
If there is any floor filling going on due to this track it’s got to be the bobbin zombie crew.

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I dig Die Dimension. Very strong track… maybe I’m a zombie

Pretty antagonizing way to put it. Especially after people saying they like it.

Reminds me I told the same about techno for a couple decades before “getting” it.
And I had been listening to and looking for new music almost permanently for years.


Yeah Alles is my favourite too, it’s going on my end of year mix for sure.

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Great interview, great music, great artist. Thanks Elektron! :slight_smile:


Hmm. I can’t help but think of parallels with early 2000s BPitch.

Totally. I even met a guy who didn’t like music at all, prefering visuals things, movies…but he was respectful.
What if someone decides a kind of music is forbidden or reserved to a certain category of persons?
I had to play music I really didn’t like for a while, I learned from that. Hard to be objective. Let people like any music. They are usually stupid anyway. :tongue: