Performance Mode : Adv user there?


I would like to know if it’s a normal behaviour that when you turn the filter type in performance mode to get values rather than filter type, it’s also the same for other type selector… Is it because it’s an unavailable parameter ?

I think it’s strange this values -/+ (numbers) what it’s indicate me as i’m in filter type selection…

Anyone to enlighten me on that ?
And maybe where in the user manual i can find something on that subject ?


Every parameter behaves this way when assigning performance controls AFAIK. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to recognize which filter type your on, remembering the order they’re arranged is vital in this case.

Yeah ok but the value is not accordingly with which filter is picked ? It’s not every 30 in value that’s another filter type i presume. That’s weird…

If i’m in Filter type LP2 a value of +1 is a modulation between LP1 and LP2 ?

  • 7 is a modulation between LP2 and Peak filter mode ?

Shit that one is strange :slight_smile:

(What about a value of -127 or +127 no doubt is relative to pressure but what about the filter type)
OK Ticket at technical support sent i really need technical informations there my mind need precision from the creators there

I think it’s an increment of 1 to change filter type.

So if you set an amount of 1, when the perf is at the max, you would move to the next filter type.

If you set an amount of 4, you would change filter type at 31, 63, 95 and 127

EDIT : Performances are relative. It means that they start from the current position, and add/remove from it.

So if you are on BP and add +1 you will go to HP1, and if you add -1 you will go to LP1. And when the performance is at 0, you will be on BP.