Petition: Implement Scenes for midi tracks

Post here if you agree that Elektron should implement being able to use Scenes for midi tracks, allowing us to control midi cc with Scenes, and thus being able to use the Crossfader for doing parameter snapshots and morphs in realtime of midi data.

To be honest I stupidly expected the Octatrack was able to do this when I bought it, and was rather surprised it had not been implemented. Technically it should be possible.


i would like to see it happen

Its a great idea if its possible to implement!

I’d love it. When sequencing external gear routed through the OT and using the cross-fader to manipulate internal parameters, it just gives this great desire to have access to manipulate parameters of the external gear from the same control.

What I could get by with and should be possible: scene lock ability for depth and speed of the midi LFO! This should limit the stream and the programming required. The midi stream would be limited because there would only be a max of 3 parameters scene lockable per track and you would give up an LFO for each. Scene-locking the depth of a steady-state LFO, designed in the LFO designer, would give the same effect as scene-locking the parameter itself.

I don’t think a petition is needed. Elektron HQ does listen to user requests. Many user ideas have made it into the OS of their machines. As stated on the front page of this forum, if you want to make an officially “heard” request, fill out a support ticket on Elektron’s customer support page.

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The petition is needed because Elektron have already said no to users who filled out a support ticket requesting this, and it’s been requested numerous times since the Octatrack launch…

Heh, the MIDI LFO data already chokes out some of my gear, so why not! :slight_smile:

I mean the thing is, I’ll use multiple tracks with custom LFOs going to the same channel, so even if Elektron needed or wanted to use multiple tracks, I’d be down with something that was less work on my part.

I’d enjoy using the cross fader on the MIDI side for something though. To draw LFO designer shapes or quickly select min/max values. A fader is a good control method, seems a shame to waste it. Or if we could use scenes to change the MIDI channel and send program change messages? I hate using parts for this…anyway shutting up now…rambling.

Oh, and if MIDI data is the problem, turbo MIDI is the solution! :imp: Even if it “only” worked with other Elektron gear: :astonished: :slight_smile:

you may want to have a look here:
it’s something new i’ve started to work on and it’s still in its alpha phase but a prototype version should soon see the light… :slight_smile: (the MnM just happened to be there…)

+1 :+1:

So guga,

I’m a bit confused what you are doing here. Have I got it right that your gadget is setting up midi scenes and morphing between them with the fader?

Kinda what I want the Octatrack to do, but in a seperate gadget?

I would be favor of this enhancement if it is possible

hi electronicfur,
yep, you got it right :slight_smile: it’s a MIDI controller which morphs MIDI parameters between two scenes (the idea actually came from the OT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).
there’s a link to another video in this post: http://test. that probably makes things a bit clearer

+1, would be a great feature on the OT.

Midi scenes are on my wishlist, too

Asked multiple times by multiple people (including me)

Can be done easily enough; the trick is to control the interpolation and the amount of data being sent.

This is where Elektron’s concern is. I don’t doubt they can implement it, considering I can, but they don’t want the OT to be the cause of clogging up the midistream / causing hiccups and being perceived as a poor sequencer (I personally think it is average as a midi sequencer anyway)

If it makes you feel any better; I thought exactly the same thing (as did otheres I know) prior to and after buying. Certainly their advertising/website is obfuscating / imples all paramaters on all tracks can be controlled.

If midi choking is an issue maybe it can be implemented so that there is an option to also use both the MIDI Out and MIDI Thru. (e.g. select MIDI channel 1 to MIDI Out and MIDI channel 2 to MIDI thru etc)

scenes for midi = Nice one !

My wish is scene - lock possibility in general so you can use more scene variations on your tracks !

That would be a good solution tbh. +1 for Midi Scenes anyway, even if its only one or 2 parameters per channel.

Gets my vote. +1