Pi Overbridge Mixer Fantasy

So I was daydreaming the other day about a DIY project for an overbridge mixer, specifically for the digitakt (and possibly digitone).

It’s basically a specialized digitakt mixer. A headless computer (like a pi or some junk, realistically running windows) that’s just running overbridge that can also handle and manipulate the digitakt’s individual channel outs with some additional fx+typical mixer accoutrement.

I know you can basically do a lot of this without a mixer on the groovebox itself (I do live sets with a digitakt alone already), or with overbridge+mixer midi controler+DAW, but man, don’t we all have our DAWless fantasies?

Any input on why I’m an idiot for sharing this or other immediate issues you could see arising in pursuing this project (i.e latency, the whole idea entirely, “just get a fucking MKII Octatrack you poverty ridden twat this is the Elektron ecosystem”, etc.) would be much appreciated (I think).

In the meantime, a boy can dream I guess.

I’d instantly buy an Overbridge enabled mixer with multi FX and a couple (at least 8) old school audio inputs for non OB devices. At least 8 faders and a few of buttons per track to do the mixing. Usb host functionality for a controller to adjust assignable OB parameters… a4 mk2 form factor… etc etc etc…

Basically a Roland MX-1 done right…

That’s actually more or less what I had in mind. The dream I’m kinda having is really to
1.) buy a digitone lol
2.) make the perfect mixer for a dawless digitakt/digitone live set up

I think the most practical thing to do in the meantime though is to start by prototyping a headless computer to run OB for digitakt that can spit out the channel outs individually first though. Then there’s midi but that’ll come after.

Also you wouldn’t happen to know anything about the status of OB with Linux, would you? My guts telling me that it’s not a path worth pursuing lmao

Also if anybody is interested on working on this with me feel free to let me know, I’d be down to get a git going or something.

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Reviving this old thread… I just finished building a prototype of a standalone device that does it. Take a look at Digitone/Digitakt breakout box [work in progress] if you’re interested!