Pigments 3 vs Digitone

anyone own both and care to share some comparison thoughts?

Totally different horses. Pigment is comparable with Waldorf Iridium.


Apples… oranges… bananas… Frankly, you can’t compare both. I was jamming yesterday with my DN slaving Pigments 3. To me DN is more like a workstation (or jam station). Pigments is something else, and first a pure synth with deeeeeep possibilities. You can’t go wrong with both, but they’re like (to me) existing in two alternate realities : does this make sens to connect them ?


Don’t own either but they both seemed compelling enough for what they are. However being able to purchase pigments 3 for 100.00 US is pretty sweet and way more synthesis power than the Digitone at a brief glance of it’s features. If I didn’t already own a few great VST synths I could see looking into it. Sytrus covers a DT for me and I just sample what I need from elsewhere usually anyway.

Pigments 3’s generative sequencer can output sequence note data to other instruments in your DAW. That’s a rather nifty capability.


Are you sure ? I thought it was not possible with the v2, maybe it’s a new feature.

Having both I would say … as others did already … they don’t compare, because of totally different synthesis:

  • Digitone: specialized to a four operator FM synthesis
  • Pigment 3: virtual analog, wavetable, sample/granular, additive synthesis

And … the Digitone is a groove box and the Pigment not …

IMO both create sounds the other just can’t …

great info @SoundRider and everyone else.

i actually own both but barely even used them so far.

i was looking to see if maybe Pigments 3 had enough similarities but also advantages that i could sell the dn and use that money towards a different elektron device.

but its looking like thats not the case.

obvious but important difference: software vs hardware.
There would be quite a few softsynths that can easily compete with the DN‘s functionality and sound, but none with the workflow and overall package