Pioneer Toraiz SP-16


16 Pads + Touch screen + X0X Steps. Depends if it can chop up samples and make like an MPC, it might be a winner. Looks like it might wind up being more of a 1-shot trigger thing for DJ’s though.

AIRA UI = ugly !!

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I’m almost sold. This and OT - perfect setup :slight_smile:

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Woah, almost didn’t even click this after seeing Pioneer. Figured it was a dj mixer or something. Perfect timing, been thinking about grabbing a RYTM. Looks interesting…

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If this has MIDI capabilities, decent effects and sample chopping I would love to replace my clumsy MPC1000 with one of these! Could potentially be a great companion for the OT

Please let this have some kind of poly+chromatic for samples… Sold for sure if it does. Even without it, for beats it looks very promising…

$1500… Guess that translates around RYTM price in UK. Looks like a contender for anyone not overly concerned about having analog drums. Agreed with above post that this is what MPC touch should have been.

No mention of effects? Be surprised if it doesn’t have a decent selection. If it’s literally a ‘playback+filter’ unit I’ll pass…

There we have our effects :slight_smile: And since it says FX1, I guess there must be more FX slots

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Is has a slice function, so there must be some kind of chopping :slight_smile:


Sweet :slight_smile: Only other potential omission I can see from what I’ve checked out is any kind of ‘project/song’ facility. Only mention of 256 patterns. Be a shame if you can’t organise these in to songs etc. Not a total deal breaker tho…

Wow, didn’t expect Pioneer to redefine the modern drum sampler!

It samples, has indiouts, analog filters, fx, 64 step seq, note repeat, pitched and oneshot samps, loops, timestretch, slices, reads UsB sticks… And to top it all off, you can sync it to other pio gear and generate midi clock to sync the rest of your rig too!

I would also expect this one to be able to sample on the fly, with the pio deck sync this could work beautifully, enabling all kinds of on-the-fly-remixing etc

Eagerly waiting for the manual to drop. Exciting times!

I wonder when we’ll see Jeremy Ellis or Araabmuzik rocking one of these with a 4 ch pio mixer…

EDIT: I just realized that this thing is cheaper than a single flagship CDJ deck! I wonder if two of these could replace CDJs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s wait for and perhaps Roland. Can’t wait this year’s Musikmesse :slight_smile:
It’s interesting so far only Pioneer incorporated sampler software with current hardware in one unit.

Any info/pic on the dasz unit? Could only find a YouTube teaser that showed/told nothing at all…

Wish someone would just make an updated MPC 1000. Seems like that should be doable for approx £500/£600 now with current tech advancements and costs. if you look at the korg electribe. That box could have been great but the OS sucks and the memory is ridiculously small and no separate outs. Big gap in the market between £350 > £1000+…

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If you can choose which tracks get routed to the filters, I’m in.

Any info/pic on the dasz unit? Could only find a YouTube teaser that showed/told nothing at all… [/quote]
I was curious too and went looking.
From their FB page it says “standalone synth and sequencer and more.” From the pic it seems to have 4 indi outs. Don’t think it’s a sampler…but I’d like to be wrong. Support the little guys!

EDIT: the Pioneer looks nice though. Ive been interested in a stand alone sampler. Still waiting to see if anything to that rumoured Roland…

A genuine, uncritical question:

Why not just put the sample you want filtered on that track?