Pitch = ? note

hi , some time ago a elektron user posted a “formula” of how much of a pitch change corresponds to a specific note

now i have a lot of samples in my MD from my A4, they were all in C … how much must I change the pitch in MD to get from C to D (or E or E# and so on)

cant find the post in the forum with the search function

thanks guys!

An alternative to using the search on this forum is to use google by using the site directive. This will narrow the google search and works way better then using the regular forum search.

So if you want to search for pitch and calculation you write

site:www.elektronauts.com pitch calculation

The MD’s manual can come in help too:

ooh every third pitch adjust the note 1 semitone … i “overread” this like more than 10 times, i have the manual open next to me, especially today since i was recording samples from A4 with the record machines … adhs ftw!

that site search feature is seriously simpler than I thought google does work …

thanks for that …

found this Simple re-tuning formula

but if i remember correctly there was another formula in another thread … loked like that

new note = old pitch x 0,5 new frequency … dont know …

anyways… 3 pitch = 1 semitone … that is (probably) what I wanted

thanks guys

You probably want to take a look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal_temperament (And especially under the point “Twelve-tone Equal Temperament”.

@TrabanT, pitch doubles per octave and there are 12 semitones per octave, so assuming equal temperament, to increase the pitch by one semitone, multiply by the 12th root of 2, i.e 1.059463.

pitch of C# = (pitch of C) x 1.059463

pitch of B = (pitch of C) / 1.059463

thanks smoof and lenny …

how compicated is this? … i thought i record a sample in C and then if I wanted to go C E G , I would just turn the Pitch +3 + 6 and +12 (or something more mathematically correct)

never thought I would need a calculator for that :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the links again!

You don’t need your calc - just 3 for every semitone works :+1: