Plastic Film Covering Screen

Is it hard to tell if the plastic film is still on the screen? If it is I do not see any tabs for removing it. I have tried using my finger nail at the edge to see if it will come up with no luck. The screen does has a scratch or two on it which is why I am wondering.

if you got the unit new, it should have a film. there are no tabs. display looks quite fuzzy with the film still in place. very shiny finish without

I did buy it new, however when it arrived in the mail the manual was bent and it appeared that it had been out of the plastic bag that it came in due to a somewhat crinkled bag, apparently Elektron do not seal the package or box in any way.

it is very easy to not realize there is a plastic film on the display… however, your unit may have been shipped and returned within the often granted 30 day test period.

if the first user includes the manual, the original box, and does not leave peanutbutter marks on the synthesizer, she or he will get full price refunded and the next customer is billed a brand new never opened factory sealed synth …

Yes it does seem that way the small manual defiantly looked like it had been thumbed through quite a bit , I am pretty sure I have encountered the scenario you describe.

Ah I got brave after what you said about it being hard to tell if the film was still on the screen and was able to move it with my fingernail then remove it. Its a lot brighter now. This is a great device and I am getting ready to buy an Octatrack, then the AR in the near future.

if you are not happy with the “thumbed through” manual, contact your seller and ask for an exchange, or return the unit… I would not hesitate … that was a lie, I would actually hesitate a lot! …
well…the OT display is a real king size bed compared to A4 … dont forget: 1 toy at a time (not that I would listen to my own advice :stuck_out_tongue: )

I like your advice, I locked myself in my apartment for 3 days trying to learn the workflow, I can do the basics. Mr Dateline’s videos were very helpful with a lot of pause and re-wind he is a true master of the machines. Since the machine works perfectly and has no blemishes I will not bother getting another regardless of my suspicions, and now that now the screen is not scratched all the better, time to play.

allright haggis hombre… welcome to the forum… hope you didnt dehydrate all the way in the last 3 days! …

cheers bro …

ive bought all my stuff 2nd hand but I would hope if i bought one direct from elektron that it wouldnt be a returned machine unless theres a small discount.

theyre quite expensive “toys” .

Our hombre never said he “bought one direct from elektron”.

So stop blaming Elektron for something the retailer (Sweetwater, Thomann, Walmart) is responsable for.

Yes I should mention it was not bought direct from Elektron it was purchased from one of those major music stores. Regardless I am very happy with it at this point and looking forward to adding the Octatrack and Rythm.

Did you get it from B&H?

Don`t worry. It was pretty clear you bought the AK from a music store.
Therefore TranaT wrote “…contact your seller…” " …granted 30 day test period…" and so on.

re5et just interpreted you got it direct from Elektron.
The Problem is… something like this happens in various situations quite often. If a company stands for products beyond a typical price range voilà… every issue is directly related to the company. No matter if the company is responsable for the issue or not.
The higher the price… the higher the expectation… the lower the rationality.

I would not pay full price for anything “open box”…

Still on the topic, I never peel off the display cover sticker, mainly for resale. But this post got me thinking, thats stupid, why not have a nice clear/bright display instead !
Any thoughts before I bite the bullet ?

I normally wouldn’t pull it off either. I finally just couldn’t stand not having a nice sharp screen and knew the chances of me parting with the machine were slim. Still i ended up making a custom cut screen protector for it that is completely clear and looks like nothings there. Protected and sharper!

Ok, the Octa and MD are keepers, but the mono keys I’ll leave for the next owner.

I did not buy it from B&H, I did remove the screen protector and I think I will do as others have done and install a clearer custom protector. Great synth loving it.