Playing Midi in key

I read the section below from the manual and got excited. It seems to say that when a scale is selected on the midi Arp screen then all notes on the track will be locked to that scale even when the Arp is turned off.

“Arpeggiated notes and any note offsets can be forced to play according to a given key scale. The F knob sets the key scale. When set to OFF all notes and note offsets will play according to the set notes. This setting will affect the note trigs of the track even if the MODE setting found in the ARPEGGIATIOR MAIN menu is set to OFF”

I think it’s lying

Is there anyway to get this to work as I play the notes on the trigs in chromatic mode?


I was speaking with Rusty O’Hara last night and he suggested using a midi monitor program to see exactly what its doing. Im going to investigate later today and report back :slight_smile:

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wow, lying ?

anyway - scale correction happens on the sequenced notes, not the played notes … it’s unfortunate it doesn’t work at the point of entry

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Ah so it won’t adjust the chromatic keyboard to your selected scale? That’s a shame.
Would have been a great feature for jamming :slight_smile:

Yes, but it works when you use an external keyboard ! Give it a try !

I don’t use Chromatic mode anymore, not very found of it… Only when I’m in bed :bed:


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Lying - Am I correct in understanding that with a scale set in the ARP page and an external keyboard connected via midi, I can play the keys on that keyboard and the notes will be limited to those in the scale? I have a keyboard with local off, midi connected to my OT. I can sequence that keyboard, in key, with no problem. When I use the keyboard to play notes though, they are not in key and not following the scale. Let me know what I’m missing or if I misunderstood your post. Thanks.

That I didn’t know.

It’s too bad it doesn’t work on notes you play on the trig keys, because that’s where it would be the most useful for me - playing trig keys in chromatic mode is really clumsy for me and being able to pitch quantize it would actually make it practical.

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Even with external keyboard, arp scale doesn’t seem to correct notes unless they are recorded, or if arp is on.

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Oh, yes, ARP has to be on indeed for it to work.
I think scale being taken into account for external keyboard only when arp is on could be declared as a bug…


It can be usable on chromatic or external using a very slow arp speed (arp on), for monophonic purpose.

But of course the best would be something à la Syntakt. :wink:

I used scale only with a random lfo on notes. Otherwise I don’t like to have twice the same note side by side…

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Lying - Sorry, I misunderstood your post.

Sezare - Using a super slow ARP may be a work around. As always, thank you.

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