Please develop FM keys

please please develop FM keys with analog filters. The dx200 sells on ebay for over 500 bucks. The FS1r is always selling for over 1000. I think there would be big interest in a fully developed FM keyboard with analog filters.

Yes x1000! Six or more voices with PM/PD is my personal dream.

Monomachine wavetable pro thru A4 is sick

A new monomachine (compatible with the actual one) with analog multimode filters, better FX, and OT sequencer would be a killer machine.
For sure the Kolg volca Fm will sell a LOT… Elektron, stay awake! :alien:

I don’t think “Elektron” and “keyboards” go well together… better to focus on what they’re great at, integration of powerful sequencing with a flexible sound engine in a compact form factor. /2c

Void, I really like the Analog Keys over the A4. I really like having a keyboard on hand for composition.

For some reason FM synths have taken a back seat for years. Thing is you get sounds out of FM you just cant get anywhere else. I love the combination of using an analog synth and an FM synth.

Hoping Elektron will develop a much more advanced FM synth with performance control.

I’m always hoping for some sort of Elektron wavetable, FM, + analog filter hybrid synth.

If the Blofeld (or Microwave XT), Prophet 12 (or VS), Volca FM (or DX-7), and Monomachine all got freaky one night and had a lovechild… I would be happy to adopt it and take very good care of it.