Please guys, help me figure this out :)

Hey guys, I need some help…

I have been thinking this by myself, and although I think I know a lot about gear, and a lot about other peoples gear, I would like to have some opinion from you to my specific case.

First, let me show you what kind of music I make:
Deep house, Melodic house (is this even a fckn genre?), Eletronica…
My latest album:

This album was a series of jams recorded live with the following setup (very basically explained, theres a lot of other stuff going on on routing and effects):
Electribe 2 (sequencing of everything and drums)
Bass Station 2 (Bass and sometimes lead)
Blofeld (3 to 4 parts playing pads, chords, strings, leads and rarely bass)

Right now my setup is the same but substituted the Electribe for Digitakt.

Problem: I can’t multitrack Blofeld to be in separate tracks, since I record jams, it sucks to mix all the arrangements, it ends up sounding subpar.
Solution: Substituting this synth for another multitimbral (nord 4, nord A1) or 3 other (poly?)synths…. about this I thought of some JU06, Streichfett, Minilogue… possible but not that practical…

What do you guys suggest, considering my music?

I am starting a project of vocal house, and intend to keep the style similar, it’s the kind of music I like.
References: Gus Gus, Disclosure, Moderat, Lee Foss, Route 94…
Ps: I have been producing out of computer and I don’t intend to add one to my rig, so this is pretty much off limits.

There is a solution you might have overlooked : use Blofeld with only two different sounds hard panned right and left.
When I’m n trouble with mixing lots of different sounds, best idea IMO is to remove those that are not frankly necessary and try to reach your goal with less instruments…

Cool bonus : it’s easier to operate !

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I have indeed overlooked it, and will give it a try! :slight_smile:

You can also grab a second Blofeld. Shouldn’t be too expensive if you look around for a second-hand unit.

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