Please help. Bitwig and overbridge setup

Hello elektronauts.

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but can anyone assist with detailed instructions on setting up overbridge on bitwig studio.

I have a digitone and analog rytm MK2, and have opened the vsts, added missing chains and all that, got audio coming through, but can’t seem to find where the individual channels / tracks can be found or made!

I can hear the main outputs but cannot see or create individual outputs for treatment, etc. I also seem to have some kind of bleeding of audio from one machine into the others overbridge vst!?

Both versions of OS’s are up to date, as is bitwig and overbridge, and I’m working on a Mac, if that makes any difference.

I’m pretty confused and can’t see to find many resources or manuals for this online. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You need to make audio tracks and then route the respective mixer tracks into those.

Then you can record etc etc.


Sorry to be such an idiot, but how do I do that?

So go to the horiCapture

Just make the audio tracks, then scroll down, it’ll list AR a few times, but one of the choices will have a little arrow >

So choose that one and all of the Overbridge VST outputs will be in there. There will be 3 options something like “Analog Rytm out, Analog Rytm (pre) and Analog Rytm (post)” I use post and then I’ll use the tracks bitiwig created to add fx and mute etc.

Make sure the waveform icon, circled in red has been clicked and the red record icons are lit, otherwise those channels will be muted.

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Thanks mate, thats helped loads.

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