Please help, can’t get the CCs to send correctly

I’m running octatrack as master and my S2400 sampler is slaved.

I want to mute/unmute S2400 tracks with midi CCs sent from the octatrack. The S2400 does this by recieving CC109 and values 0-63 mutes tracks 1-64 and values 64-128 unmutes the same tracks.

I’ve set the S2400 control channel to 16 which is the channel the S2400 recieves gobal midi controls.

In my octatrack I’ve set up a midi track to channel 16 and set 8 CCs to mute tracks of the S2400.
CC1=109 value 0
CC2=109 value 1
CC3=109 value 2 etc

I put a midi note trig on the first beat of the octatrack pattern. If I hold this trig and press yes button to preview the trig all the midi messages are sent correctly to the S2400 and the tracks gets muted as desired.

But the problem is when the octa sequencer is running and the same midi trig is trigged by the sequencer only the note gets sent to the S2400 and not the CCs.

I can still preview trig (trig+yes) the note when the sequencer is running and everything works as expected, but not when I just let the sequencer run and play the programed note.

There is a midi monitor in the S2400 and I can see that all the CCs are recieved when previewing the trig, but I can see that there’s no CCs being recieved when the octatrack sequencer plays the same trig.

I’ve tried both having the CCs as default for the track and just putting down a trig, and I’ve also tried to step lock all the CCs to the trig but the outcome is the same.

Any ideas why the midi CCs doesn’t get sent when the Octa sequencer plays the note but it does when the same note is trigged manually?

A CCs is sent only once if its value doesn’t change. This should be an option.

I hope this is the explanation.
My workaround is to use an lfo SQUARE ONE to send 2 values.
That way value change systematically, and it is sent.

Ah I didn’t see that. Why don’t you just set CC1=109 ? Apparently no need to set 8 CCs with the same number…


Ok I see, that’s a bummer!

Does it send default CCs on part change?
So I could set it up to send these 8 CCs when I cange part?

The reason I try to send multiple CCs is that the S2400 does the following when recieving CC109:

CC109 value 0 mutes s2400 track 1
CC109 value 1 mutes s2400 track 2
CC109 value 2 mutes s2400 track 3

CC109 value 64 unmutes s2400 track 1
CC109 value 65 unmutes s2400 track 2

So I need to send multiple CC109 with different values to mute multiple tracks on the S2400.

I’m trying to have S2400 tracks 1-4 unmuted and tracks 5-8 muted for octa pattern 1, and when changing to octa pattern 2 I send the CCs to mute tracks 1-4 and unmute track 5-8 (essentially reversing the mute states) if you follow me? And I want this to happen automatically when changing between octa patterns.

Not sure how you use the square LFO to work around this, could you eleborate a bit more how I can try this out?

If that works I quess I’ll have to spread out the CC commands over multiple midi tracks since there‘s not enough LFOs per track to have a single cycle lfo for each of the 8 CC messages I need to send?

Possibly. I wrote something about it somewhere. I highly recommend a midi monitor to check what’s going on, otherwise you can go crazy.

I see. I’m not sure if that’d work, because even with a second track, you can’t use the same CC number, the lowest track have priority, the highest don’t send the shared CCs unless the lowest track is muted.

Ain’t easy so in 2 words : midi monitor.

I’m 100% sure it would work with a midi processor : send (very low) notes instead of CCs, map them to required CCs, et voilà !

I do have a midi monitor in the s2400 so that’s covered!

I was hoping I could do it with the octatrack alone, seems like it would be possible to send 8 simple CC values but I guess not then!

I’ll have to get a midi processor!

Or a midi merger would probably let me loopback the midi from the s2400 and send CCs to mute/unmute itself while also recieving midi from the octatrack.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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Don’t get the idea…

If I sync the pattern changes between the two machines like I’m doing currently, I can have the S2400 mute/unmute it’s own tracks with midi loop back (sending the necessary CCs from the S2400 back into itself). That would occupy the midi in port of the s2400 so I would need a midi merger to let both the octatrack and s2400 send midi to the s2400.

Never mind, I will get a midi processor anyway and send notes from octa and convert to multiple CCs. I think it offers me more options to solve these kinds of problems than a simple midi merger :slight_smile: