Please help-flutter noise through monitor

I’m hoping someone can help. I have a fluttering noise similar to what you hear when turning a cable in a jack or wiggling around. It occurs randomly and only through the left speaker. Of course when im waiting for it can take a long time to occur and happens both when im using the machines and not. I have the RYTM and four plugged into a mixer. the analog four has two moogs plugged into its inputs. I have ruled out the mixer and the cables going to the monitors. All brand new cables running from the machines. a fluttering noise is really the best terminology for the sound. it is completely variable and not consistent and can last 3-5 seconds or so before disappearing. The rytm is the only machine that makes any audible noise when nothing is being played (this has been discussed on other threads) so im really thinking it could be the culprit. but why so randomly? and when nothing is being touched?

*Maybe the speaker is going…but they are only a couple years old. rarely used and havent been moved or abused. I will swap their sides and see if it follows the speaker.

sorry to hear that…

are you using balanced cables for balanced outputs AND balanced inputs ? … are you decreasing the overall volume from each connected unit?

are there powerstrips around which might be dodgy?

I also have a permanent hiss…but was able to minimize it to almost unaudibility by balanced cables with lower volumes…

but with me the AR was def not the cause, just a thing in general. … cheers buddy

I’m leaning towards wifi/cell phone/bluetooth interference. I couldnt get it to happen last night. Its odd because it is completely random and sounds almost like a moths wings flapping against the speaker cone. speaker cables are balanced and a power conditioner is being used.

I know in my old band the bass players amp would make a sound like you described whenever the guitar player received a text on his iphone.