Please run a simple test for me

…so that I know I’m not crazy. Because I might be crazy.

Create a 1,5,9,13 kick pattern. Now create a 16th hat pattern. Now pull the hat AMP VOL down to zero.

The hat should not sound at all right? Do you hear the hat sneaking in?

I did it. I do not hear the hat with amp volume all the way down. I monitored it fairly loud. I also messed with the delay and reverb send setting to see if I could make it bleed. No go here.

Thanks for testing. Your reply made me dig deeper to figure out the cause and I did indeed figure it out.

I have a regular off beat 3,7,11,15 hat pattern but I also have a ghost hit on the 10 that is plocked to 70. When lowering the AMP VOL for this track, I didn’t realize that this plocked trig was not being lowered accordingly.

Stupid oversight but I’m glad I discovered the issue because it was driving me mad. I have this issue on several patterns.

I will have to figure out a workaround. Maybe I’ll need to set a rising retrig on the 10.



I just got my machine a little while ago. Still learning. I break things all the time that I have to figure out how to fix.


Cant you just use track level instead of the amp vol parameter?

Good question, but no, because I’m using the AMP VOL in my scenes. Scenes do not allow using mutes, track volume or trigs.

I use scenes to progress through my live set. Scene 1 - kick and bass, Scene 2 - kick, bass, clap, Scene 3 - kick, bass, clap, hat, etc.

The only way I can do this is by “muting” all unneeded tracks in Scene 1 by pulling down the AMP VOL or the synth/sample vol. Then in Scene 2, the next added track pulls the AMP VOL back up, etc.