Plocked steps don’t flash

With my DT & DN. Both with latest software / firmware. Some plocks do flash and some, just don’t.

Anyone else?

Are you sure non flashing trigs are plocked?

Absolutely positive.

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Any specific plock differences between flashing and non flashing trigs?

So on the DT at least, conditional locks didnt flash last time I checked.

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some do , some dont.
it seems that if you plock note length , velocity , LFO.t , FLT.T (i guess things that need a note) it doesnt flash
if you plock other stuff , like Mix , FDBK etc then it’ll flash.

so maybe theres a rule to why they flash (to do with note , length , pitch on trig page)., or maybe its a bug , no idea.
i’m not sure it matters , (seem to happen if theyre Red or Yellow)


So everything on the trig page doesn’t flash. That kinda makes sense. I wonder if those things don’t count against plock limit


Yeah I think it’s by design. I think it’d potentially be confusing/useless if velocity and note length differences flashed in the same way as sound engine parameter locks.

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OK so others have noticed there’s something going on - at least I’m not crazy. So some do and some don’t then. It’d be good for them to update the manual accordingly so we know what is supposed to flash, then we can understand more about what’s going on in the patterns just by a quick visual rather than being confused about it - which is my current state.


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