Plogue Bidule, anyone?

I just found a license for PB which I bought eons ago; downloaded the app and it still works! Hoo-rah. I’ve totally forgotten how to use the thing but figure it won’t be too hard to get some nice buffer’y, glitchy, sound-grabby-type effects going on to run alongside my DN/iPad.

Anyone else use this gem?

i used to, a million years ago, have a special place in my heart for it :slight_smile:

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It’s got its quirks, right? It’s a nice, lightweight alternative to Max/MSP, too…

Damn! There was AudioMulch, too. I’m sure I’ve got a license key for that somewhere.

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After a couple of hours I’m definitely getting my swerve on… This is a daft audio buffer looper that had a bunch of playback speeds, record triggers, and play triggers. It’s pretty random and needs some work for it to be actually useful!

My maths / logic function knowledge is lacking so I’m sure that I’m missing a trick in some places. Still; fun!

I bought this last year because it’s cheaper and easier than Max, can host VST plugins, is great for complex routing of midi and audio, and has some gems of its own as well.

I’m very happy with it and use it for live improvisation and multitrack capture.

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Nice! It’d be cool to see how you use it live; what kind of tooling have you set up?

Here is an example. It might look complex, but it’s just a few mixers that act as sends to various places (internal to Valhalla plugs, external to Kaoss Pad and Digitakt) and main mix which goes out on a live stream on the internet (via the ShoutCast plugin). Inputs also have EQ, and it is all controlled from a Livid DS-1 MIDI controller.

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That is really cool - so much routing! You’re running sync from PB, too?

The Digitakt is acting as master sync here. It also takes care of sequencing.

Ah, nice. I’m going to have to try some processing/mixing with it. Good work, sir! Have you had a play with any of the audio buffer / sample mangling-type aspects of PB?

Yes, they are fun! I like playing with multiple buffers and using feedback to resample things over and over - the results are some times unpredictable but always interesting.

I also made a midi looper, using midi delay with note quantize and a velocity scaler in the feedback loop.