Plug-In sample trigger button is not working after OS update [close]

I use AR with OB in Ableton Live 9.
After updating OB to 1.15. and OS to 1.31 I made a little test drive.

I have an issue with the sample trigger button in the AR plug-in.
It plays / triggered only the same sample - no sample pre-listen possible.

When I load the sound in the sample slot it sounds correct.

Did anyone have the same issue?

Thanks in advice.

It is only the BD 1 and SD 2 preview play button. The other buttons working correct.

any help?

Hang on let me test to see if I have the same issue

OK, I’m a bit confused as I don’t think there are specific sample preview buttons for the pads, just the sample slots, which could then be loaded to any pad. Can you clarify which buttons specifically aren’t working?

You can look on your +Drive from the plug-in gui. It is a little button at the sample slot part in the gui.
Can you find it… I try to make a picture.

I know where you mean, but that list doesn’t reference the pads, just the 127 sample slots in the project, and then you can expand to browse your +Drive.

I cannot see a sample preview button that lets you preview the sample loaded to a specific pad.

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Yes, make me a picture if you’re able, that would be very helpful.

That button isn’t designed to preview the sample, it just brings up the list of samples in your project.

You get it? :slight_smile:


Yes that’s my point - those preview buttons relate to sample slots, not pads.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that mine work fine, so I’m not sure what is up with yours.

Not sure what to suggest other than a fresh install of Overbridge.

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Okay. Thanks for checking. Only BD 1 and SD 2 has this issue.

I try to restart.

OK, I’m with you now. You mean that when you access that menu from BD1 or SD 2, none of the sample previews in the slot list work?

I can confirm, if that’s the case, that they do work for me, so it isn’t a bug. Good luck and hope you fix it.


Okay. It only happens when I load Project: Reamped Drums / Redrumming and the COMGGB/R kit.
That is very strange!

Sometimes I have to load the kit twice.

Issue reported to the Elektron team.

Will be fixed soon. :thup:


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