Poly allocation trick, used on one of preset patterns

Took me a while to figure out, how one of the presets was managing to play different notes with a trigger which seemed to have no P-locks.

What it’s actually doing, is attempting to play a chord (2 notes) on the same trig. Then, the voice allocation is set up to cycle through the 1st 3 voices. Each of those voices has a different sound/patch.

Does that make sense? Confused me no end, until I worked out what was happening!

Shame there’s no mechanism to display what parameters are actually P-locked as some kind of list.


thanks for sharing, nice trick

I’m not sure to understand…

Pattern A6 (factory default) on the AK.

It’s not easy to explain. If it were easy to explain, I probably would have worked out what was happening much faster.

maybe a video example???

You can hold the trig and anything plocked will have an overlap. No list mode, but it’s not that bad to cycle through the pages.

Yeah - I was looking for that indication, but couldn’t see it. What I hadn’t spotted, is that 2 key lights were lit.