Poly mode AK in OB with ableton

Hi, I’m trying OB in ableton and after setting everything with AK and ableton i see that each independent mono sound track. If I put the sound in poly mode, the sound then the sound is heard in all audio tracks simultaneously ableton.

anyone know how to change that?

Cheers and happy new year 4 all!

I have the same problem and i think there are no solutions for now…

Dunno if you could even call this a problem, it’s a natural consequence of the A4/AK’s voice architecture. I’m about as certain as I can be that there won’t be any solution ever, if what what you mean by a solution is polyphony on one of the Elektron’s individual outputs. There are fairly straightforward workarounds, though.

It’s because of the machine’s architecture. Try only recording the main L & R outputs rather than the 4 individual tracks.

So if I understand the his correctly, you can’t have three voices on one track and one voice on a separate track?

You can have one voice in an individual track and the other three on the L/R output. It’s in “voice routing options”.