Polychain on A4 MKII?

Is it possible to polychain two A4 machines? Having two would be so powerful.

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What do you mean exactly?

If you have one MIDI controller/keyboard, you could hook up the OUT of your MIDI controller to both of their MIDI IN to control them at the same time, either via something like a MidiHub, MIDI splitter or just using the MIDI THRU on one of them and MIDI IN on the other.

You can also just take MIDI OUT from one of them into MIDI IN on the other and use the built-in A4 keyboard to play both of them.

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There is no in the box functionality for traditional poly chain (i.e. where you connect two A4s and can set them to be one 8 voice poly synth). However using something like the mondovox or midipal/midigal allows this as an option. I use a midigal to play a model samples polyphonically and it works quite well.


Thanks! I will check it out. :-).

Like on Tetra or sound modules, Mopho / X4 etc. Increasing voice count to more poly goodness since they are two same synths. If it’s doable with ext. device it’s very cool.