Polyphonic MIDI

one more question i can’t find clearly answered anywhere including the manual, even though it seems a simple task: what’s up with the polyphony of the midi sequencer? so it plays four notes but only if they are placed on the same trig? so i can’t have long notes from different trigs overlapping on one track? also i noticed that when i record a midi sequence that has chords either on an external keyboard or in chromatic mode the OT won’t record them as chords. so each midi track really seems monophonic, not four note polyphonic like you read a lot.
also it seems to be impossible to change the pitch of the extra notes NOT2, NOT3, NOT4 while a note is playing, correct? i tried it with a trigless trig, but no luck. it is kind of essential to get a nice evolving paddy chord sound out of a poly synth. i basically can’t have one note playing on a track while another note on the same track changes pitch without retriggering that other base note as well?? is there any workarounds for that (apart from the obvious one to involve an extra track)?

thanks for any hints.

Yes, it’s a step sequencer!

thanks for that information.

i am more curious about how people handle the restrictions in the case i mentioned. i just tried to lfo the NOT2 pitch but no luck either. it only changes the pitch when the note is triggered again. it won’t do any pitch bend kind of stuff on the extra notes. I guess i’ll have to work with long releases to get notes overlapping, or use extra tracks.

I feel your pain. You can use more tracks…
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OT is ballache for anything polyphonic/Melodic in a loose/traditional kind of way. There are workarounds like mentioned but most of them are tedious vibe killers. Random rigid weirdness it excels at. Translating something that’s already in your head, not so much… When I use OT now I kind of let it dictate things and when what I ‘want’ to do is becoming a hassle I change direction toward something more ‘fun/natural’ within the OT environment. I started out trying to use OT like a DAW. Which it can replace for a lot of stuff, but complex melodic/polyphonic arrangements I’d recommend using a Daw if it’s possible to include that in your work flow. Then sample it on to OT audio tracks if you want to leave the daw out for shows.