Polyphony and sequencer

Hi —
Still new to A4 and I have two questions about polyphony and the sequencer.

  1. Is it possible to record (onto a single step of the sequencer) 2-4 notes spanning more than an octave without an external keyboard?
  2. Is it possible to edit these notes once recorded? (Change C to E, e.g.)

I don’t find anywhere in manual or even here.
Maybe polyphony is only for live play with external keyboard?


if i recall correctly, on the trig page I think there’s a spot to dial in the multiple trigs(by addition/subtraction by semi-tones)

Thanks, Ryan, but I don’t see anything like that on the Note page.
(I guess you mean Note page.)

Arp page allows you to enter note values for notes 2-4 … of the arp, of course.

Maybe you’re thinking of that?