Polyrhythms, track length strange behaviour

When I set the length of a track to someting like 12 or 9 to create polyrhythms it behaves very strange… it’s like it restarts the sequence whenever it reaches the end of the longest sequence. I just want to do classic odd length sequences for one or two of the sound/midi tracks.

How to solve this?

You also have to adjust the M.LEN parameter (e.g. to INF).

“M.LEN controls the number of steps the pattern plays before all tracks restart. An INF setting makes the tracks of the pattern loop infinitely, without ever being restarted. Note that this setting also affects for how long the active pattern plays before a chained pattern starts playing. The CH.LEN parameter can override this.”

see also on p37/38 of the manual :slight_smile:


thank you very much! Will look into it in the manual and try it out :smiley:

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