Polyslax - Floor

Freeform piano, synth and some skittery beats. Micromac on the percs via Octatrack.

nice work! A question for you. How is the piano part done? Live? Sequenced (via OT, or other)?

One of my favorites from your recent work, Matt. The clean electric bass was a nice touch.

Beautiful stuff. Reminds me slightly of Alva Noto

yes - it’s very beautiful indeed. what kind of piano is it ? even an acoustic one?

great work!

Love it but I had already commented on Soundcloud and posted it to my twitter feed the other day :wink:

Hey, thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments, tweets etc!

The piano was played live on keys. It’s a plugin, Pianoteq, with a bit of H9 and a bit of Permut8 and a lot of eq.

Very nice!