Pool empty / pool full puzzle, can anybody help

My Digitakt is driving me nuts today, sampled 2 sounds and got a pattern going with those 2 samples, I want to add drums so press func/soundbrowser/ view pool and get the message “the pool is empty”, so go to settings/samples and try to add some drum samples to project and get the message “sample pool is full”, pulling my hair out

My first guess is that it’s a Sounds v Samples issue—
The Sound browser knob for sounds, which are like samples plus all their settings (eg a looped single cycle wave form tuned down with a filter envelope called “ThrBass”)

The Sample pool is a different 128 slots in a project, and holds the .wav files and they get selected from the sample page. You can free these up by going into Settings > Samples, ^ View Ram > [Select samples with Yes] > Remove.

Is that the answer?

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Thank you for reply, solved it now.

My problem was I’ve spent that much time with the syntakt lately I was trying to load in samples via the sound browser, kinda had a brain freeze forgetting you load in samples on Digitakt via SRC page knob 4, totally stupid me.

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