Portable 4 stereo channel mixer with TRS inputs

I am looking to get a 4 stereo channel mixer (+2 mono channels) to complement my live setup and possible future additions.

Currently running the AR and A4, with a micromonsta on its way. So I already need 3 stereo channels. As the mixer needs to go into a suitcase I am constrained in space, but I would prefer fx (dsp) per channel. Does such a product even exist?

I like the model 1, but it hasn’t TRS inputs per channel. Is it possible to use adapters and go with this?

Do you really need TRS inputs? Are you running cables from the instruments to the mixer at 100 feet or more?

You’ll probably be just fine using TS…don’t use TRS cables from a balanced output into an unbalanced input or you’ll get issues.

Any DJ mixer like that that has RCA inputs will be unbalanced. Yes you can use an adapter, but again, make sure to use TS on the output or you’ll get problems.

Other options are a Pioneer DJM-700 or something. There are lots of 4 channel dj mixers if thats what you need.

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You are right, it could be TS. Good call.

The DJM-700 seems too limiting, but ty for the advice.

I have found the Mackie 1202VLZ4, which would be on the big side but doable.

Yeah, I recall having this issue with my QuNexus.

Have no experience whatsoever with the K-Mix but the reviews have been quite stellar as far as I’ve read. Perhaps mixing with mushy pads isn’t ideal for precision but it’s got DSP and balanced inputs

Looks interesting. Will need to look into this. ty for the input!

No experience with any of the KMI controllers, but I own a K-Mix and it’s absolutely great.

Mackie VLZ serie

I love those mackies, its what I use. Not as setup for stereo inputs (only 2), but that’s another consideration to make, is if you absolutely need stereo that way. Personally, I would run mono sources and pan / effect after that for stereo.

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Peavey RQ-200

Can be battery powered, and the most compact mixer that has volume faders.
4 stereo channels. 2 mono channels.

Doesn’t sound bad either.

Usually run $50-$100 used.

No onboard fx but there are 2 sends.

After some investigation I found that a computer connection is needed to hard-lock the channels on the K-Mix (without this using both faders for L and R channel is required). As I am running Linux and prefer not to use a computer anyways this device doesn’t cut it.

The Peavey RQ-200 seems to be a perfect fit regarding the available channels, ty for the info! Device availability in Europe is another matter.

Was it more regular in the past to have stereo T®S inputs per channel on mixers? It would make sense to look for older mixers if that is the case.

I know I am making it much harder to require stereo channels, but that is how I make use of my devices.

The reviews I have read about the K-Mix are all really positive in most regards. The issue you have had does not seem to afflict the K-Mix, or none of the reviewers found that to be a problem. Ty for your input!

+1 for Mackie 1202 - no fuss, does the job, good layout/routing

True, but you only need to set that up once, store it as a preset, and you can use the mixer stand-alone with stereo-locked channels without having a computer involved at all.

Depending on your setup and the way you play, being able to switch between different presets can be really handy in a live context.

That is great to know, but I still feel handicapped by Keith McMillen for not supporting Linux (like most other audio device manufacturers).

I know I can just go visit a friend and ask to configure the software there, but that’s rather off-putting to me.

Oh sure. It’s weird that they did not add some kind of magic button combination to link channels from the hardware.

The unit is USB class-compliant, so it should work as an audio interface under Linux just fine.

Class compliancy means nothing. I’ve had multiple devices that were “class compliant” according to the manufacturers, but they needed software to fully work; and that software was only available on win/mac.

K-Mix is stand-alone, so I hope it will work more like the Arturia AudioFuse (which functions without the software and Linux software is being written for it). But I never trust “class compliancy” as stated by a manufacturer.

The Behringer XENYX 1002FX seems to be quite comparable to the RQ-200. I don’t like how cheap it looks, but in the reviews I haven’t read about subpar sound quality.