Portable phantom power

So, I got my first mic which requires phantom power. It’s pretty sweet, but it needs phantom power… (I’m not used to this - but it sounds quite good!).

What’s the best way to power this? A small gizmo? Are there little powerbanks? I want to plug it into my Octatrack (or a pedal first) - are there pedal that give phantom power? Should I just look at a small mixer with phantom, which might have a couple ins (which could be cool before my pedals then in the OT as I could drive a few mic from that mixer… but maybe not).

Anyway as you can see, I figured out today what phantom power is, I though it had something to do with pre-amp… which is not the case :S I’d like to hear how you guys go about having phantom powered mics? (can it used battery?)


I assume something like this would be pretty sweet and extendable to other use for my setup:


The XVive P1 might be a simpler solution and would avoid the risk of introducing ground loop issues.

wow that’s awesome and pretty sexy! Thanks

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No worries, @ponnuru ! If you end up buying one, please drop back into the thread and let us know if it’s any good.

I have a project for later in the year that would benefit from the same gadget if it’s worth it.

Seems like it’s sold out, looking for other brands atm.

It might be overkill for your needs but the Eventide MixingLink is pretty amazing. Great quality and it not only provides phantom power to your mic but will give you an effects loop so that your can run your mic through external stomp boxes. It does a lot of other stuff as well.

The mixing link is pretty cool indeed - are you using it? It would be awesome to have a few ins and out.

I’ve been looking into the Zoom H6 actually. It has 6 input, and 4 of them can have phantom power, which could be really nice as the Zoom would become a sort of mixer for all my instruments (didg, tabla, violin, flute), but the audio out seems to be only trough headphone, which is a drag, but maybe it would work, to have that headphone jack to 2x 1/4 jack into the AB of the octatrack. Plus I would have the recording possibility from the zoom + an audio interface with 6 Ins… all in all it would be great, but the headphone out really sux…

Anyway, I ordered a Beinger DI-100 thinking it would inject some Phantom Power to my mic, but I mis-read, it’s a Phantom PowerED direct box. I don’t really know what it does, but it definitely doesn’t provide phantom…

I’ll research further on the MixingLink, seems like a nice beast.

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I’m using it mainly to add effects to mic’ed instruments, but it’s very capable.