Possible anyone has any Vangelis type samples to share/help create? (Digitakt)


I’m having some great fun with the Digitakt. It’s my first device.

I want to source to Vangelis type synth sounds to play Chromatically. I’ve tried downloading some single cycle waves and messing with the LFO but my experience and knowledge fail me.

Or can someone describe how to make one then that would be great too.


Maybe some sound design tips here might help:

A 8 voicemono sampler is the last thing i would think of recreating Vangelis type of tracks using single cycle waveforms. You could use all of the DT’s
Tracks with the same sound in a pre set scale but there will be no voices left to put another layer for the chords. It’s not impossible if you sample, resample If you like Vangelis type of tracks you can use it for rythm, fills, noises bleebs and noisy washes and use miditracks for sequencing polysynths.
Looking at his vintage (analog) gear list:


You need to be little bit more specific than that.
He has been making music a long time. Has made many records, with lots of different styles.

Which era? And yeah as said above, a polysynth is probably a better choice. If you have a computer you can use what ever soft synth.

One thing is common though, vangelis likes his big reverbs.

Thanks, the DT is next on my list once I learn the DK, I saw this guy do it https://youtu.be/jqv6_ma3lKk?t=103

Thanks, yeah I was watching this guy do it that’s all.

The Digitone is on my list though once. I learn this one properly.

Yeah I saw that one. I dont understand the title at all. He is using samples. A single cycle waveform is still a sample.

Envelope shape, reverb. That’s your target sound I think yes?

:rofl:just buy all the synths.

Out of reach… o wait! Behringer is launching their “famous synth producers collection hardware set” sale. The Vangelis collection is now 50% off. €300,- . I orded the JMJarre collection set. Don’t buy the Ennio Morricone set, they don’t supply mouth harps.

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Got a link?