Possible damage to Rytm by not turning off power before unplugging?

Is this harmful to the machine?

The way I have my setup organized I have a mixer Velcro’d right over the power button and the Velcro is stronger than expected.

My question is, is it bad for the Rytm mkii if I kill power at my easy to reach power strip rather than turning it off via the Rytm on/off switch? Likewise, for turning the power on, is it bad for the machine if I keep the Rytm on/off switch always ON and just flick my power strip on when I want the machine on.

This would also help my other pieces of gear like my organelle (no on/off button) to simply keep it all plugged in and switched on and toggle the on/off of everything just from my power strip.


Are you noticing a problem ? Do things ever boot up badly? I think the answer is no, but there is an asterisk with that. It would be with the turning on. Digital equipment, stuff with processors like a clean power up. If the switch you are using bounces on power up that could cause some of your equipment to get confused in power up. Some Elektron gear will definitely do that — i’ve experienced that personally.

I would not think you could cause permanent damage, not to modern digital equipment.

Do others have opinions ?


I’ve never done it, I’ve always stripped my mixer off the Velcro and used the switch. I’m too scared to risk the Rytm. That’s why I’m asking this on the forum to see is anyone’s had experience with turning on/off via power strip.

Good to know about turning Elektron devices on tho

Here’s a pic of my current sexy little setup. Switched mixer with the op-1 position. Now it’s a little easier to hit the Rytms on/off button

There seems to be no problem with using the switch on the power strip. See here:


Nice! That’s comforting. I think I will just make my whole rig power on just from the power strip switch.

short answer: no.

long answer: you’re overthinking it. power is on or off. it flows through or it doesn’t. you’re not hurting anything by turning it off further up the line than the machine’s on/off switch. I do this. I have five power strips with up to ten things plugged into each, all set to “on” and the power strip decides if they actually get power or not. you’re fine.

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Did you feed it after midnight? Seems like that is still a thing.

and sometimes its on-off-on-off-on-off-on. (as i said in my post)

I guess the other exception would be devices that expect an orderly shutdown, like a personal computer, they expect more than just a switch off.

Or the vampires (that hmb feeds after midnight) that go into “standby” and aren’t usually ever completely off.

But again at basis the answer is no.