Possible to download and downgrade firmware

My octatrack mk1 will no longer connect to any computer i own via usb since upgrading firmware. Would like to check to see if i reflash to 1.30B if it solves but cannot find link to previous revisions
Can anyone help?

Not seen this technique tried before - but, if like me, you upgrade by dropping .bin files on the CF card then you could simply remove (hide) the last one and enter os upgrade mode - it may detect the latest OS .bin as a viable candidate (even whilst running later one)

As ever - backup and do so at your own risk - yhbw

PS: Elektron don’t like their OSs appearing on the internet for download - I have seen a few links shared on here which point to the Elektron servers from time to time, but these may expire

PPS: I’m no expert, but I doubt the OS change is the reason, it may relate to a bad update or a corruption, but I doubt very much it is a code related issue - so I don’t expect downgrading will make a difference - unless it tidies up your card - i’d consider backing up card by external means (if poss) wiping it and seeing if the OT accepts it then try again, adding content back - again, at your own risk, backup everything important

There was a cautionary warning on the latest os zip about usb/eject housekeeping

i requested 1.25e from support so i could be safe with what i am happy with before moving to 1.3B - I got nowhere, sad really as didn’t even get a response even though @Ess said just raise a form and they will reply, no reply and no link for a DL :imp:

cant imagine why they wouldn’t give a user an old O.S

there is no way to dump the OS from the OT is there?

Hey avantronica thanks for the sharing your thoughts on this much appreciated. They card reads ok on computers with card reader so I think I will try backing up and formating the card and see if this helps.

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