Possible to use an OT mk2 power supply to test a Machinedrum?

Looking at possibly buying one through a local Facebook Marketplace exchange, but it doesn’t come with a power supply. The Elektron site says Octatrack mk2 power supplies are not compatible with the Machinedrum, but could I use this temporarily just for the purpose of making sure it turns on and there are no major issues, or would this not work?

I also have an Alaog Four mk2, but I don’t have any other synth that has a similar power power supply… If I did purchase it, longterm solution would be to find a proper power supply, but I don’t know if I’d go through with the deal if I can’t turn the thing on…

Absolutely not. You can use a psu with different amperage as long as it supplies the same or more. Voltage cannot differ…period

Edit: to be fair some things like my Diamond Halo chorus pedal can regulate voltage internally and can therefore accept a range of voltage. The Machinedrum cannot as I understand it

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MD MKIs are not compatible with any Elektron except MnM MKI I guess.
You can find equivalent on internet.

MD MKIIs are compatible with OT MKI power supply, not with OT MKII.


You know, I’m not even 100% sure… I’ll be honest the whole thing gives me the “uh oh’s” but it’s a really good deal so I’m not sure what I’m going to do just yet.

If I can’t turn it on to test it, I’m not sure it’s worth it…

Which model?

It doesn’t specify, just “Machinedrum”. The image is of a Mk2 non-UW, but I don’t think it’s a picture of the actual unit, and based on the price, it has to be a Mk1.

MKI power supply

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Not in the EU but did manage to find one on Amazon. Don’t know if it’s worth buying just to test thing out but we’ll see…

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If he/she doesn’t have a power supply or a picture of the actual unit then I’d be very cautious of buying it. Find out what model it is exactly (MK1 or MK2) and see if you can reach out to someone on a local facebook group or something to borrow their power supply to test it, otherwise it’s likely not worth the risk.


With power supplies, as stated already, voltage has to be the same. Ampere has to be the minimum the device needs and is usually found on the back of the device. Other than that the plug has to fit.

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… and not to forget: the polarity of the plug (center positive/center negative) must match, of course.

I really, really hate that there has never got a common standard established (a single standard).


I know, my logical brain is saying the same thing, my GAS brain is saying “score that MD you’ve always wanted you cheap bastard.” My GAS brain is dumb but powerful.

I missed a 200€ MKI with just a broken knob…

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