Possible to use overbridge/sidechain as a second soundcard?

Hello guys !
I’m actually trying to use my A4 has a second soundcard and particulary Track 1 which receive abletonlive synths.
I’ve a bit more problems to make settings to make it work but for sure, it is more stable than with older version !
So can you explain me a bit, for example, what is totall recall ? Yesterday I saved a kit on the computer and then cannot find it anymore… After totall recall…

Other important question : Is this possible to send a vst synth sound) to an Analog four track when the master soundcard is an other soundcard than the A4 (in abletonlive tho)
because in the past we were able to use analog four sidechain as a second soundcard but yersterday it seems like I have to make it the principal/master soundcard (in ableton settings)

So thank you a lot :slight_smile: