Posting is very archaic

I’d post a hell of alot more on this forum if the process was a bit more refined.

  1. A lot of the time posts get lost in the ether when using XP or iOS, I have to use my win7 machine or forget it.

  2. When replying to posts it is completely dumb that you cannot refer back to earlier posts because the whole screen only shows the reply window and no previous posts.

  3. How are you supposed to quote multiple posts? It is silly to have to create a new post for each quote you wish to respond to.

Yep, have to agree, this is really annoying!

Thanks for the feedback! Improving posting experience is something that’s on the to-do list.

Agreed. In general, the forum experience on here compared to the old Elektron-Users is quite archaic. The server is slow (or possibly the forum software), there’s no way to have a proper overview of new posts or threads, replying to things is a pain in the ass, and no matter how big a screen I use I get the “cramped in” feeling from using this forum, it’s like I’m looking at it through several layers of binoculars or something.

My experience has been exactly the opposite. (Mac OS X 10.7.5).

The old EU site sucked balls IMO. Ugly old 90’s interface, terrible search, painfully slow, and you couldn’t even sign up as a new member or make posts! I was so so soooo happy when Elektronauts was launched because I had just bought two machines and was excited to participate …finally.

When I reply to a post on Elektronauts, the reply window ‘floats’ and can be moved around, and I can scroll up and down to view previous posts while I still have the reply post window open. Works great for me.

I also like that Elektronauts continues to add features and make improvements.

At least this site is alive and usable by all members, new and old. The old EU site was a dinosaur frozen in time in that respect.

I think people were comparing the old “active” electron-users site to this one, not the frozen version…however, I agree with you , and we’re in the minority, but I rather like this forum, and prefer it in many ways to the old “active” E-U.

I found the old forum was way slower than this one. The main advantage was in the replies, but I’m quite used to moving the reply window around to see the main thread text…also NO KITCHEN ZOMBIES HERE!

Maybe on a Mac with OSX the reply window floats, but on windows and iOS it does not.

The old forum when it was active got many more posts per day than this one does, there are a lot of great contributors from the old forum who do not visit here. Also the amount of guests to registered posters is much higher here. Guests can’t post, why are people not logging in or signing up?

Posting on a laptop, phone or tablet there is A LOT of wasted space, for example right now as I am typing this the posting window is 1/4 of the screen, the rest being useless blank space, it would be much better if the sidebar and prior posts could be seen.

I’m on Windows 7, and it floats:
Put your mouse pointer above the toolbar (with B, I, U, etc) or on any of the edges, and the cursor will change to a “+” directional sign…then you can move it to the side, and use your mouse wheel to scroll the “background” thread up and down while still viewing the reply window…havn’t done much (or any) posting on iOS, so I’m not sure how it works there…
I agree it’s all a little weird, but certainly something that anyone who’s used Elektron equipment (especially OT) should not have major problems with! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

maybe this is on Windows only?

here’s how it looks in latest Safari on lastest OSX:

what is this magic directional arrow sorcery you are speaking about!

As a senior UI web-developer I could elaborate on what’s wrong with this forum but I don’t know where to start.

Anyway, a lot of the most annoying issues are already covered by user reports here… so get to work dudes! (And change the damn font already, it hurts my eyes.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For a start I’d do something like this:

I can move this box around freely, as soon as i venture off the text area it can be moved with a NESW arrow cursor :slight_smile:

Go Snow Leopard

I like the forum a lot fwiw - not saying that little nuances can’t be sorted tho

This is what I see on Win7, just tried to move the window no worky here!

Using Chrome BTW.

And here is what it looks like on my iPad, so much wasted space which could be used for all the missing information, no?

Also on Chrome, on Safari it is worse!

see image >

@Elektron, while you’re at it - there’s this ios issue too, still a bit annoying >

i think that floating window thing is actually an old implementation.
it was buggy and then changed to the solid screen that it is now.

maybe this is still stuck in your browser cache?
log out / clear browser cache / log in?

I get the same as avantronica. I drew in the directional arrow thingamajiggy since my cursor moved to do the screenshot.

Windows 7 (home and work laptops), latest chrome…

** it must be something like avantronica mentioned! Just allow pop-ups from Elektronauts, and you should be all good!!

pfft … its a forum ^^

iam not going to call an ambulance via the forum so who cares if its slow or wastes space :slight_smile:

i like it a lot, does what it should do

NO! Then I’ll lose the floating window thingy! I like the floating window thingy!! :astonished: