Potential Moniker for Digitakt: The Takt

Sometimes, i wonder why say three syllables when two could do just as well and bring the coolness at the same time?

Contraction of Digitakt: the Takt.

just thought of this when perusing a cool photograph of the aforementioned instrument …

bottom right of the image says Takt … just seems like a really cool word.

Hmmm… d’takt sounds like a great stage name…


extremely keen to invest in and play a Digitakt.

and yet, i need to repurchase an Octatrack first, if i’m to perform. It’s just kind of necessary. That makes it sound like a ‘boring’ requirement, which could not be further from the truth.

still want to buy the Digitakt before the Octatrack.

every day without the Digitakt is five percent less fun than it could be.

it’s like some unrequited love scenario or something. abstract format longing.

but the Octatrack totally kicks ass, is a universal travelling machine, and with a meagre investment in transparent orange contact adhesive material, the screen could be just as enjoyable as the eternal sunset of the Machinedrum’s screen.

Interestingly, there is no word in the English language that rhymes with ‘orange’.


The D.


and that truly is two syllables, whereas my suggested concatenation may in fact be argued to be three syllables, depending on one’s stance regarding percussive letters intersecting or interacting in a quasi-syllabic fashion.

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I had to write more letters to post it!


As our favourite President would humbly say MY IDEA! MY IDEA! :grin:

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I suppose DK is out of the question?

:joy: agreed!

Also, if I heard someone calling it the Takt, I will ignore that person infinitely.


I’ll be referring to my “workflow” (with the 'Takt), simply as me ‘Taktics’… for now. Would that be tactless? Put that in yr “wheelhouse” and spin it.


Yes, DK is not available.

Dig it act.

What about the Git? As in: Let’s grab the Git and bang out a few Tunesies!