Potential Power Issue

Has anyone had issues with their unit not turning on? Had been working fine but this evening I went to turn my three boxes on but the A4 didn’t work. Checked the plugs and connections, even plugged in the working AR power lead and still nothing. I got a tiny bit pissed off and flicked the on/off switch 4 or 5 times very quickly and it booted up fine and has worked correctly since.

Hoping it is just one of those strange one offs but wondering if any one else has encountered something similar?

The common issue posted about is accidentally using the OT psu on the A4, but that doesn’t seem to be your issue

If the AR one is the same as a4 one then try the a4 psu with AR if you are brave, it might help you establish where the issue lies. They do sometimes get pulled out from the unit a little in my experience. Hopefully nothing, dusty loose connections, or just the psu !

Yeah hopefully nothing. It’s back to working fine now. Maybe it was just a marginally loose connection that I didn’t notice when re checking everything. Working now which is the main thing!!!

happens to me as well, say ONCE every THREE month … turning the A4 on and off probably 5 to 10 times a day …

(sometime I end up crawling under my desk to check the cable, but I find out it must be an internal thing with the A4)

Cheers for chiming in TrabanT, at least I am not the only one. Not overly concerned, like I say, everything was back working as normal last night. Was just curious if anyone else had come across the issue.