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I need some advice regarding power supply on the digitakt.
I’m intending to build the digitakt and some other pieces of small gears into a case and I found a DC power supply for pedal effects that can give me 12v @ 1A, 18v @ 1A and x8 9v. This is great as I see that the digitakt accepts 12v 1A printed on the case itself.
I might have to reverse the poles on the dc plug though, as it’s center positive. I also intend to use the 18v to power up a mixer which is at 18v 1A, so all these power would come directly from this dc power block. And then there would be a few 9v devices that I have.

So to my question, do you think that it’s safe this way? Would it cause any difference in performance if I were to use this DC power block?



Are you sure it can provide the full amps on all power rails simulataeniously? That is to be checked first.

Besides that, the elektrons I know (OT, AR, MD, MnM) all have an internal PSU that kind of cleans the input from the DC input, so you should be good to go. Check that first, no responsibility for any dmg from my side.

Post the details pls!

And for reversing polarity: solder an adapter, do not alter the outputvplug itself.

You need to test this config before committing. IME buzzing and ground loop issues can arise from using a powerblock to power all your gear, especially if a mixer is involved.

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Ok Thanks guys for the advice.

I think I’ll give it a try with a DC Power block. I’m going to get this Vitoos DC-8. It provides 1A at 9/12/18V and there’s 2 of them. I can use the other the power up an organelle running at 9v 1A and the rest pedals and diy stuff. I got a Behringer mixer instead, so the mixer is off this power block. Ok I will look into an adapter for the polarity. Sometimes these power block comes with 1 or 2 reverse polarity cables. Otherwise, I would make meself the reserve polarity cables. Just got to label it well.
Wish me luck!

didn´t check this all through, but i´m pretty sure that vitoo dc 8 won´t work as you expect. good luck !

why not?

well what i found out at least is that the vitoo dc8 is isolated power supply.

ok finally the Vitos DC-8 power tank arrived. Update on the status of using this powering up the Digitakt, Organelle, PreenFm2 and various 9v devices.
I had to make converter cables for the Digitakt, Organelle and the PreenFM2, since they are center positive and the power tank is center negative.

Powering up the Digitakt on the 12v 1A supply works fine. No buzz or hum. There might a little static while touching the case… but otherwise, everything runs smoothly. (there is some times static while using the digitakt power supply so, I guess it’s my mains.)

Powering up the Preenfm2 on the 9V 1A supply works fine. No buzz or hum. When I change it to the other 9V 100mA outputs, there is a high pitch hum. My guess is that 100mA isn’t enough to power up the PreenFm2 and hence the hum.

Powering up the Organelle on the 9V 1A supply works fine. No buzz or hum. When I change it to the other 9V 100mA outputs, there is lots of noise on the outputs. Same thing, it might need more than 100mA that the power tank is providing.

Since I have a slightly bigger and heavier power supply for the Preenfm2, I will do use the power tank for that and also for the organelle. Then I save on carry 2 extra power supplies. I will use the original power supply for the Digitakt, since that is relatively light and small.
The other 9vs devices works well with the power tank, no hum or buzz.
I’ve gotten a Behringer 802 mixer so that is off the power tank.
Everything nice and sweet. :slight_smile: -)

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Hmm, I wonder if the A4 and AS-1 would work off of this? If so I’m definitely getting one

A4 should work fine on any 12V battery.
My 50Ah batterypack keeps my AR (similar power intake, these babies like it warm) alive for like forever. 24h+

Just read that the Toraiz AS-1 power is 5v, so no bueno.

Get a stepdown converter from 12v to 5v, about 2€ depending on wattage.

Thanks for the tip!


Something like this?