The FM engine is almost the same as the preenfm2.

What you get with the preenfm3 is :
. More voices with effect per voice.
. higher sample rate (48Khz vs 42)
. 6 instruments (instead of 4)
. A “mixer” section to have more control on each instrument
. 6 audio outputs instruments can be routed to
. A graphical user interface
. A builtin small sequencer


Aw wtf that screeeeeen is sweeeettt

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the preenFM2 is pretty amazing. I can’t wait until this drops.

i can wait :sunglasses: because there may be further fixes after the 1st batch(es)


Nice to see PreenFM lineage growing. I can also wait … until VanDaalElectronics makes nice metal case. Until then … having fung with PreenFM2 which is already amazing with all the filters/FX, randomization, etc.

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I know it’s just a prototype but this box is ugly :persevere:

I love PreenFM. It has all the Digitone has except the sequencer. And the UX!!!
What made me sold the one I had assembled is the navigation in the UI… So many menu switching! 48 parameters for the envelopes alone!
Maybe with a giant Faderfox controller, it would change the experience.

Anyway, I’m glad to see this project is up and running! Might try another one later, if I learn how to add a few encoders…


Ha … I have bought, build and sold 2 PreenFM2s with pauses in between, always thinking it sounded too thin compared to other synths I had next to it. The 3rd one stays because the sound improved a lot with filters by ToltekRadiations. Maybe not beefier but definitely more organic. So I wonder how higher sample rate will affect the sound.

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Well… the DX7 envelopes are very deep (and IMO overdesigned). That’s I guess what it gets for being DX7 compliant.

I liked my PreenFM2 and the developer was very responsive and helpful. But now that I have an iPad as my main sequencer, it makes more sense to just do FM on that (and on my Prophet 12).

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Placed my order from VanDaal in the metal case. Just when I thought I was GAS immune, FM3 came along.
6 routable audio outs! Graphical UI!
I hope this in combination with OT will be more than enough for me for a long time to come.


Does the Preenfm 2 was multitimbral (with different assignable midi channels) or it’s a new feature coming with the Preenfm 3 ?

Wasn’t the Preen2 4-way multi?

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Yes, FM2 has 4 instruments that can be assigned to seperate midi channels. FM3 has 6 instruments. The FM3 has 6 assignable audio outputs, Fm2 is stereo out.

FM3 has lots of amazing potential but is still in development. I have every confidence Xavier will iron out the bugs and continue to add new features. However if I’m to be completely honest, if i could choose again at this moment I would go for the revised FM2 with the improved DAC rather than FM3. But I will probably change my mind on that in a few months. I don’t think there are many developers out there who provide better, more responsive ongoing support.


This is quite funny ! I just got the new FM2 and FM3 pcbs a week or so ago (Mouser parts arriving this week). The postage is quite a large part of the cost so I figured I’d get a stable FM2 and play with the FM3 (and mess with the code a bit) so I had something stable and working plus hopefully get the benefits of the fm3…

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I envy your soldering skills. DIY is not really an option for me I’m afraid so I went for pre-built. Even though people say it’s pretty easy, I guarantee I would find a way to mess it up!

Let us know how you like the FM2. I think it’s a fantastic synth, I’m very tempted to save for one with the new DAC (R6 PCB).

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To be honest there’s minimal soldering - just a few through hole parts… I’ll post back after the weekend - hoping to get them both running by then…

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Sorry, it’s indeed very clear, but I’ve discovered the FM2 a few days ago with a news about the FM3 and the article was written in a way, or I supposed multitimbral was a new feature.

6 OP multitimbral, with dedicated outputs plus the large screen is really appealing!

Sorry for the delay -


Damn, they look great! Nice job on the cases! Is it your own design? 3D printed?

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Thanks - yeah, 3d-printed - they are the bog standard ones that are in the GitHub. For the PreenFM3, I hand cut a piece of perspex and glued it in (I much prefer that as it keeps the dust off the screens and looks a bit better !) I need to get different knobs for the encoders on the FM2 (the Rogans were all I had handy)

Haha I remembered it differently I clearly haven’t been paying attention :laughing:

Good tip, I really need to get into building, so much amazing gear for so cheap!
Excited to see how the FM3 firmware develops. Would love to hear any sounds you pull out of it!