Preparing piano, marimba etc. samples for OT in Ableton

Hey there, I would like to play some nice sounding Ableton instruments like piano and marimba with a midi keyboard on my OT and sequence these sounds. It will mostly be basic hits without major sustain/release, modulation or other effects, just straight up raw notes. As there are many ways to achieve a goal on the OT, I thought it’s best to ask here.

I thought the easiest solution would be to choose an octave range and then prepare a MIDI track in Ableton which will play 64 consecutive notes from low to up on each key of a keyboard. I could then export the audio file to OT and set up a slice grid of 64 slices. And then set the trig mode to slices so that the four pages of trigs will effectively become a chromatic keyboard but with a broader range of notes/octaves and uncompromised sound compared to only setting up a sample with say 24 notes and then use chromatic mode and time stretching.

Will this work, provided the MIDI notes in Ableton will all have the exact same length and pause between them? Will I be able to use a keyboard for playing the 64 slices when in slice mode? Is there a better way to achieve my goal?

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You can use equal spacing and use auto slice. Or, if you’re happy to slice manually, you can have uneven slices. Slices can be any length on the OT and static machines can read massive samples.

Yes. Enable follow TM in settings.

Depends how you look at it. Your way is totally acceptable, and will work well.


Perfect, will try this out and am very excited. Thanks for your quick feedback!

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