Preset Change When Pattern Changes

I’m using a MS and a Oberheim Matrix 1000 module with presets synced with a keystep arturia.

Whenever I change pattern in the MS the Oberheim changes preset too. What midi message sends this info from the MS and how to change it?

I don’t want to change pattern and suddenly have a whole different sound.

Thank you!

It’s the midi program change message. I can’t remember all the details but it’s possible to stop sending those by going into the midi section of the configuration. You’ll find that program change is abbreviated PCH on the M:S menus.


Thank you!
But I don’t see that option on the MIDI settings

I think this does what you want.

Config -> MIDI -> Sync -> PCH Out - looks like this will do what you want if you set it to off

You might also mess with:

Config -> MIDI -> Ports -> Out to - this can be set to off which switches off all midi … may turn off your sync though, try it.

Config -> MIDI -> Out Chan - can be set to off, but you’ll need to switch off every channel, and I’m not clear if that includes the notes only, or notes + PCH

Thank you
Was just about to say that PCH out only allows to change the channel and not set to off

Ok I did it
Midi > sync > PCH off

Thank you once again