Preset Librarian?

MD doesn’t have Presets but is there a usable program out there that would be good as a preset librarian?

Having a bitch of a time trying to recreate some sounds I lost recently and would prefer not to have this happen again…

I’d keep an eye on MDEdit when/if it gets released.

Disclaimer: I’m the developer of MDEdit.

Primarily waiting on dust to settle on OctaEdit v2 and Machinedrum OS X.04 first.

It includes a full Librarian module; so you can Copy / Paste / Save to Library / Load from Library anything [*] you want.

MDEdit is “just” OctaEdit for the Machinedrum; but with the added benefit of midi / SysEx control…

@JustinValer and @v-yadli have done amazing work with the unofficial firmware (which I run on my MKII UW+ personally)


Sysex dumps are your friend

How do you transfer just a single sound?

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