PRESET switch with MIDI pedal

Dear All, i’m wondering which is the simpliest way to switch between songs?
I know there is the “bank system” but is that possible to switch song to song with a MIDI pedal?
I’m playing live in a band so no time to searching with the small buttons.

If your MIDI pedal can send MIDI notes then you could switch patterns on the AF using the PAT.PLAY function of the AF’s MultiMap feature.

But only patterns can be changed or a complete song as well?
I have a behringer FCB1010

You mean ‘switch between songs arrangements’? No, there’s no documented external control of switching between songs arrangements.

What a pity…
An if i switch between arrangements,
how can i differentiate that which track should be changed?
Is that dependent of the chosen one?

I don’t understand your question. Can you re-state it?

How can i switch between tracks with a pedal?
I’m playing mostly live and i would switch from a tack to another.
Different track means also different pattern/sequence

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘switch between tracks’. As far as I know, there is no documented method for selecting a track on the Analog Four using MIDI messages.

You can change pattern on the Analog Four by either:
[li]sending a MIDI Program Change message to the AF on its PROGRAM CHANGE IN CHANNEL (see page 48 of the manual), or[/li]
[li]sending a MIDI note message to the AF on its PERF CHANNEL if you have set up the Multi Map feature to use the PAT.PLAY function (see pages 48 to 51 of the manual).[/li]

As far as I know, the FCB1010 can be programmed to send both Program Change and Note messages, so you can choose whcih method is best for you.

Sorry, maybe i can’t express myself correctly
But, the only thing what i would like to:

  1. there is a sequenced pattern with a dedicated sound, for example a bassline
    in E major, 115 bpm song is in D minor, and 138 bpm and with a different sequenced arpeggio with some lead sound
    Is that possible to switch between them with a pedal?

You cannot change tempo on the Analog Four from an FCB1010.

You can switch between patterns on the Analog Four by sending an appropriate MIDI Program Change message or MIDI note message as described above. The messages can control the transposition of a pattern, but not the key.

If the patterns that you are using include pre-programmed sequences in the correct keys, then of course the key will change.