Pressing key on synth makes OT to start recording

Hi, folks. need to properly record midi notes and chords from nord to OT seq. while i’m pressing B-key on Nord, OT starts to record. wanna know, how to disable this ? auto channel is set to 16 both on OT and Nord.
Thanks in advance.

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MIDI first enters the control signal flow at the audio tracks, and then (might) pass on to the MIDI tracks. The audio tracks can have lots of different trig modes and also can respond to MIDI in different ways.

The MIDI controls for audio tracks are found in [PROJECT] -> MIDI -> CONTROL. Change the Note mapping… The standard/default MIDI mapping is that MIDI notes engage OT features. You’ll need a different mode, likely OFF or FOLLOW TM.

Manual, section 12.8:


thanks, guys. switching to chromatic mode did solve the problem. now i can record properly notes.

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