Preventing DN Input L/R from routing to main in dual mono?

Is there a way of preventing the Digitone L/R inputs (I have a model D connected to the left, an 0-Coast to the right) from showing up on the master stereo out?

I have a Logic template set up with a Multi-out DN plugin. T1-T4 go to individual tracks and the last stereo out L/R splits to two separate dry audio channels for the two external synths. The main stereo out from the DN OB plugin then has only the delay/reverb on it.

Separating this from all works fine for the internal voices, and T1-T4 can be removed from the audio path via Audio Routing so the master stereo is free to record FX only.

However, the external synths won’t play ball. There doesn’t seem to be an option for removing them from the master L/R out, so my FX channel ends up being FX plus both external synths. I’ve studied what signal path diagram in the manual exists but I can’t divine whether this is a hard limitation or not.

Are the L/R inputs always hard-routed to the master stereo out?


Ah, ok, so I can turn down the Input L/R sliders, and this does indeed stop them from showing up on stereo main – while still leaving their dry signal to the OB multi-out intact at a fixed level. However, it also removes their contribution to effects sends…